Wednesday, June 17, 2009

never thought

...i would purchase a pack of white men's wifebeaters from wal-mart for myself, but today i did! since i'm still running & it's summer time, I needed something to go over this BIG belly of mine! All my running shirts still fit EXCEPT for the fact that my belly hangs out either while i'm standing there or when i begin running. and i would wear daniel's t-shirts, but i live in a VERY VERY hot state where a t-shirt could seriously make me over heat!!! so there ya have it...a first :)


Leslie and Daniel Crawford said...

:) I'm still waiting! How long will I have to wait! And thanks for the message! We are getting SO close, the doctor said it could be any day! YAY!

Jonathan et Kari said...

I used to wear men's wifebeaters in Senegal. Too hot for most anything else! I cut the straps and then tied them to make the neckline a little higher...and to make them look not-like-wifebeaters :)