Thursday, June 25, 2009

BOBing it!

In just a few short months you will see me out & about BOBing it! Thanks to my sweet in-laws, Elijah will be cruising in style as he & mommy (and maybe even daddy) take our daily run!! We got a phone call the other day that it had arrived in the store (they had to special order it), & Daniel IMMEDIATELY hopped in the truck to pick it up. When I arrived home it was put together so nicely waiting for me to test it out. Thanks sweetie!! We both were/are so excited. Didn't know we could or even would get this giddy about a baby jogging stroller. So without further ado..
Please excuse the way i look in the pic...Daniel & i had just got back from a long run & NO we didn't take the BOB if you were wondering (although we wished we had little Elijah out to do just that :)).

can't wait to test it out with all the other mommy friends out there too!

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