Thursday, March 12, 2009

15 weeks

my belly is slowly growing everyday and i can honestly say i am so surprised by it. When i look down it doesn't seem that big, but as i catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror...well i think WOW and i'm only gonna get bigger! here i am at about 15 weeks (actually 14 weeks & 5 day...still look pretty much the same).

Also in other exciting news...we have finally decided on baby names!! I honestly didn't think that we would agree (well i knew we would but just didn't know when..haha). BUT the catch is...we aren't telling until we find out what we are having, which is 3 weeks from tomorrow! So that's pretty exciting.
well that's all i have :)


Ashley Waldrop said...

It seems like your pregnancy is going by so fast! I can't wait to here the name!!

Dana said...

You look so cute! Love your hair, too. One day you'll have to post your hairstyling tips. :)