Tuesday, March 03, 2009

14 weeks & Birthday!

here i am at 14 weeks...(oh i posted both sides so you can get the full affect...haha)

It is really hard to believe how much my belly is growing. While running tonight, i definitely felt like it was HUGE even though most people can't even tell i'm preggo yet (oh maybe thats due to the baggy sweatshirts i wear all the time..who knows!). Anyways, i hear in just a few short weeks i will be in the beginning stages of feeling our little one move. So crazy!!

ALSO...today is a very special day because it is my beautiful, most precious sisters birthday! Happy Birthday Leslie :)
Leslie (my sis), Shaffer (my bro) & Me at Shaffer's wedding in September 08.
Oh & while I was looking for a pic of my sister, I came across these pictures we took a few weeks ago at our "preggo night". We are in order of our due dates...well & Jaclyn has already had little Eli!!
Me (Sept.), Beth (April), Ashley (April), Sam (April) & Jaclyn (Feb.)
I think those are the correct months everyone is due...oops if I messed up! Kari will join us next time who is due in October.
Ok that's all for now! Have a good night & I am off to bed :)


Kari and Jordan said...

lol!!! love the post! thank you for not forgetting me, and yes, I will be there next time:) oh, and i so plan to update my blog this weekend with preggo pics. I am telling you it is not that noticeable yet, but I know I need to give an update:)

Ashley Waldrop said...

I am lovin your little prego belly!