Wednesday, February 18, 2009

12 week check-up

Today we visited the doctors office and got to hear our sweet little baby's heartbeat (but not without some pain).  let me explain...daniel and i we were waiting very patiently in our exam room when in walks the nurse.  She has this little device in her had that she was going to press against my stomach and hear the baby's heartbeat.  Oh that's easy (compared to other things they have done to me already)...oh but little did i know that she doesn't just roll it across my stomach, but rather she pushes it into my stomach as hard as she can trying to find that heartbeat.  Well she found mine but after much prying she could not find the baby's.  This is when panic set in for me.  But no worries...daniel is cool, calm, and collected and reassures me everything is going to be ok.  So she brings in the doctor and he does the same thing except he presses even hard...not to mention i had to go to the bathroom so bad!!  Finally he found the precious heartbeat and we all began grinning and and enjoying that sweet sweet sound :) ahh! what a great noise!  Thank you Lord!!!

Lets see...we got our crib this past weekend and it looks great in the nursery.  Daniel and his dad worked very hard on putting it together! Every time i walk in the nursery i am just so overwhelmed at seeing it...its a good feeling! pics to come soon...

I have been sick (from a cold not pregnancy) for the past few weeks and FINALLY i have gotten some relief!  The doctor prescribed me a z pack (which this certain kind is fine for a preggo all those who began to panic its ok!).  I really just want to get my sense of taste back! I REALLY REALLY REALLY like food right now and i want to be able to savor every bite!

ok that is all for now :)

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Jaclyn & Zack said...

Oh girl, i know what you mean about finding the heartbeat. That fist time it hurt so badly! But how exciting it's so cool to be able to hear your little one's heart beating :)