Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Madie's 2nd Birthday!!

Today is our sweet & precious pups 2nd birthday. You see daniel and i are horrible owners because it was not until 5:00pm tonight that daniel came busting into the bathroom yelling we forgot a really important day. I was thinking to myself...what?? what did we forget? My pregnancy brain is not helping either. It's so crazy because i use to remember things so well, but ever since we found out we were pregnant, I can't seem to remember why I called someone on the phone or why i even walked in the next room. Anyways, to make it up to Madie we got her a cupcake (and donuts) to celebrate! Here are a few pictures...
her yummy cupcake!
this is when Madie freaked out that there was fire on her cake.

And this last one is the best...she loved it!!
So here is to another fun filled year with our outgoing, loving, affectionate, crazy, likes to lick people dog :).

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Dana said...

She is so cute and you look great!