Thursday, December 04, 2008

tis the season...

That's right!  Christmas will be here in 21 days and the davises (that's us in case you didn't know) have begun preparing for the birth of our Lord & Savior.  Our tree is it is not big but we have one and it is perfect for our lil place!
Madie is also getting into the spirit of this wonderful season...although not really by choice :D
Also today we got around to taking our Christmas card are a few shots that..well...didn't make the cut.

After 3 rounds of pictures (thanks to my sweet & very patient MIL) we got our Christmas picture! Here it is...
after taking MANY photo's, Madie & I were both pooped!
well thats all for now!


Leann said...

Your dog is really good at sitting still and looking at the camera, ours would never do that! What beautiful pictures.

Jamie & Joy George said...

Great photo's!!! (I especially like the one where your foot is propped up!) :)
Miss you guys.
p.s. the tree is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

the card photo is the BEST one! Way to go MIL!!!! Also, the one of you and Maddie is so cute! Love you and see you Saturday (I got a sitter!)