Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After driving 20 hours straight (through the night) we finally made it back! We were exhausted but glad to be back. After much rest, we are getting back into the grove of things. Thankfully all of our clothes were clean, so we spent much of the weekend unpacking them and are glad to NOT be living out of a suitcase. I never realized how much i disliked living out of a suitcase until I did it for 6 weeks. I will miss A LOT from our trip to Colorado, but that I won't miss!!!

Lets see...

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I am UBER excited!! I love the food & time off from work but most of all I like to reflect on what I am thankful for while spending time with the family I love so dearly. God has been so good to Daniel & I this year!

Since we're not in our own place this Christmas, Daniel thought it was better for us not to put up our REALLY big tree (ok it's only like 6 ft but it just seems big). So we have this very cute & petite tree my MIL let us borrow. I am really looking forward to decorating it and putting out some other christmasy things!!

I have a new favorite thing...
That's right it is Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice hot tea. It is so nice to have a cup when it's chilly outside...it makes me feel warm all over :). You see while we were in Colorado, I (magen) got to tour the celestial seasoning factory and now I am drinking their tea!

A week from tomorrow we find out if we're going to have a little niece or nephew!! So excited for them...and I know they are just thrilled!!

I have already started my Christmas shopping...over half way done I might add which is pretty good for me since it isn't even December yet.

Oh my mom went to Christmas village while we were gone, and when I got home she had sweet (and very cute) surprises for me!
An apron with my initials on it...

And a precious sign that is hanging on our door

Madie has been sleeping a lot...oh but what's new. She always does that! She did seem to miss us while we were gone, and boy did we miss her! Here she is singing to us...

I am glad to be eating "regular" food now. We have had cafeteria style food for the last 5 weeks and although it looks yummy (and I am sure taste yummy) if i ate it I'm sure it would do a number on my tummy. So i opted to eat salad for most of my meals, which in the beginning is not bad but after the 3rd week...well it gets kind of old.

I am back into knitting :) I left all my supplies at home so it has been over 6 weeks of knitting.  Glad to be back in it!

We are going to take our Christmas card picture soon, so all you who receive things from us in the mail...make sure you look for it! Oh and if you want to receive it just let me know and I can send you one!!

Well that is enough updating for now...I will put up more recent pictures soon. 
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
until next time...


Adoptd By Christ said...

Make sure Timmy and I get a Christmas card! Happy you are both home!

Melissa said...

SO GLAD to have you home! We missed you BIG time on Monday, but look forward to seeing you AND Dan on the 1st! Give me a call when you get a chance... I know where we can put that "Big" tree! (Turns out Alyxis doesn't have hers, so we have tons of ornaments and lights and NO TREE for the tree decorating party on Monday). Let's see if we can't come up with a solution?!?! (Wink, wink... hope, hope!) Love ya!


Chels said...

I'm glad you guys made it home! Hope I can get thing worked out to be able to have you guys come visit soon! :)

valerie said...

So glad you're back in B-ham! Get lots of rest and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Val & Rhett