Sunday, October 26, 2008

beautiful weekend

Daniel and I both agree that we couldn't have asked for a better weekend after a long week of searching who we are and what we believe. We have thoroughly enjoyed our classes so far! God is stretching us in ways we never thought possible and preparing us for life overseas. Anyway back to the weekend...
Saturday we woke up bright & early (Daniel was too excited to sleep in) and went to Rocky Mountain National Park. We stood awe struck by the beauty of God's creation. You can see photo's on our capturing life blog found to the right of this post.
Then today (Sunday) we went to a church that was well quiet different than what we are use to. After Church we headed to Garden of the Gods and enjoyed once more the beauty of the great outdoors!
ok this last picture is for all you Dumb & Dumber fans...this is the hotel that they filmed some of the movie.  And no we didn't go in but wanted to really bad!  We pulled up to the gate and noticed that people in the line ahead of us were paying money, so we quickly backed out! 
ok that's all!


Ashley Waldrop said...

How cool! I love that movie! I am glad ya'll are having a good time. I am enjoying all of your pictures you are sending our way =)


Jamie & Joy George said...

You guys are freaks. I thought we were all going to Rocky National Park in a week or two?? Ya'll went w/ out us??

Dan + Mae said...

no we r going again!! There is sooo much to see!! Don't worry Joy :)

Jonathan et Kari said...

I love, love, love that movie!

Melissa said...

REALLY missed you today. Alyxis, Rhett, Val and I went to the Moss Rock Art Festival then for some De-lish Mexican food at the Iguana Grill. It just wasn't the same without you two. Please come home soon! (Okay, enough of my begging...) Seriously, I'm praying that training is going well and that you're learning SO MUCH.