Monday, September 08, 2008

to catch YOU up...

my blogs have not been consistent lately for a lot of different reasons...but i won't bore you with those.  I just thought to catch you up with all that has been going on around here...and the lack there of!
1. I went part-time mid July, but ever since i have been more busy than before!  You see i have this problem with over committing.  Instead of giving myself a break, i just jumped right into another job.  Knowing that we need the money...i couldn't say no.  So on the days that i don't work at the church, i am babysitting except Fridays.  i try to use Fridays as our day for missions stuff.
2. Daniel is still doing part-time photography work and has had to travel a couple of times over night (which is sad) but i make it!
3. Madie has begun running with us 6 days a week, so she mostly sleeps when she's not eating!
4. We sold our Wii to a dear friend who i know uses it much more than we did.  You see we needed the $ and realized we NEVER play it.  So instead of letting it sit there and collect dust, we sold it :)  For full price i might add!
5. I went to the beach last weekend, which was so nice and peaceful...until we had to evacuate because the hurricane.
6. My brother is getting married this weekend and I can't wait.  Both Daniel and I are in the wedding, & we get to stand by each other!!! YAY!
7. We have made some sweet friends in our community group (for all those who don't know what that is, it is Sunday school. Our church just calls it something else).  Yesterday we had lunch with one of the couples in our group (who is expecting their first child and she has the little preggo bump which is too cute...she's at 13 weeks & looks great!)  God has truly blessed us through this group. 
8. We went hiking yesterday with some other sweet friends...loved it!
9. The euro continues to fall which is such a blessing for us! :)
10. Daniel and I have both been reading a lot.  He is trying to make it through the whole Bible before we leave for Colorado in less than 5 weeks now, and i have had my nose in Redeeming Love (for my own reading) and Bad Girls of the Bible (for a bible study I am in).  One reason for the lack of blogs!
and lastly...
11. We are still praying that our support will come in so that we can depart from the states in March!
(oh and one more thing...i am totally disappointed in all you Auburn fans out there that read this blog for not commenting on the last post! :( )
well i guess that's it for now.


christie said...

redeeming love is the best book ever... i took it to the beach a few years ago and read the entire like 500 pages in 2 days. I couldnt put it down! let me know when u finish!

Jamie & Joy George said...

hey, thanks for the encouragement and reminder!!!
We're SOO looking forward to you coming out to Colorado. It's not far away!!!

Beth said...

Redeeming Love and Bad Girls are both on my reading list...but I never find time to read! Let me know how you like them! :)