Friday, September 05, 2008

an adventure...

Exactly 5 weeks from today daniel and i will embark on an adventure that will take us 1,370 miles away from home!  We are excited to see how the Lord will grow and stretch us while we are out of our comfort zone for 6 weeks!  We also get to see lots of friends and catch up on their lives!  If you think about us, pray that our time will be fruitful and pray for rest as we have a 3 week long training session followed by a 2 week long one! 
the only part about our whole trip that I am not to terribly excited about is leaving family and family here & this precious pup (and i know daniel will miss her too)!

well that's all for now. 

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deenanour said...

I'm so so so very excited and can't wait to see you guys! :)