Monday, August 04, 2008

Still in LOVE

funny story...on our way home tonight (from a delightful dinner with some great friends--thanks Willards) we stopped at wal-mart to get the "bare necessities" (orange juice, toilet paper, peanut butter cups, & fruit popsicles) before heading home. After gathering all our things, we jumped in line and waited for a bit. Maybe waiting a bit is a little of an understatement...we waited A WHILE! Finally getting to the register to check out, the cashier looked up at Daniel and I and said "Y'all must be newlyweds". I laughed and quickly said, "actually we have been married for 2 years." She responded..."oh y'all are still newlyweds." Then I proceed with, "But we have been together for 6 years." and she was REALLY surprised! She said "WOW y'all are totally in love and it shows...even after 6 years." I guess we still have it :)

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