Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The closing of one chapter....

But the beginning of a new!!

This week has emotionally taken a toll on me. Haven't cried yet, although there were many times when i felt the tears coming and had to fight to keep them back.

Tomorrow is my last day as a full time employee at the church. i love my job, the staff, the kids, and most importantly being able to share Christ week after week with the kids, and then as they come to know Christ to assist the teachers in disciplining them. i have a heart for kids and can't wait to one day (Lord willing) having little one's of my own--total side note, but I always joke with Daniel and tell him if we have a little boy i want him to look just like daniel because i think he is so cute :)!

It's a sad week because it is the closing of a chapter in our lives together. We can't ever get it back...but there were some great memories made along the way that we will cherish for a lifetime! Our first 2 years of marriage (well almost 2 years) i have worked at the church so we know no difference. It should be a refreshing change.

At the same moment of feeling sad, we are very excited too because this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives together. As the days drawl nearer for us to pack up all we have and move across the pond, i look back and am in awe of how God has seen us through each and every day. My excitement to see what God has in store for us is overflowing like a beaker in a science lab experiement (ok you can tell i work with kids...our VBS from this past year was a science theme!)

We also got some really good news yesterday...we get to attend the school in Lyon..yay! That is where we will be our first year in France. (Kari I thought you would be excited!)

Please pray for this transition for both of us, and that it would be a rejuvinating time for us as we continue to raise the support that is needed. We have a lot of traveling and training to do before we ship out so we do indeed covet your prayers!

until i write again...


eamcguire said...

i know its hard is a huge adventure and what a wonderful one ya'll get to be on :)

Jonathan & Kari said...


Let us know more as you find out schedules and dates. Have you started French classes yet? The Assimil booklet/cd is great.

Can't wait to actually meet you in person, neighbors!