Wednesday, July 16, 2008

back to knitting

well i have recently taken a break from knitting after completing my first scarf. Now i feel rested and inspired, so i have begun a new one. Some of you might be asking yourself...why is she knitting in mid-July?  well that's a good question and i think i have a justifiable answer.
It's mid-July and Fall will be rolling around here before we know it.  Come Fall Daniel and I will be spending a week in Chicago (cold) and then 6 weeks in Colorado (can be cold and might just be) so why not go ahead and prepare!  Not to mention we will be living in France one day where is seems to be a lot more cooler than here in the south!

I am knitting a thin white scarf...very fashionable and can go with many things!..side note**here in the south, scarfs are usually used more for decoration or to add color to an outfit, but in other parts of the world where it gets below freezing often, scarfs are not always for fashion but rather for warmth.  I learned this first hand when we were in France in mid-November (it was chilly to say the least).  No longer did I care if my scarf made my outfit look cute or if it matched.  It was cold and going to go around my neck no matter what color!  haha**ok enough of the side note.  So that is how i am spending my evening tonight...i will keep you posted on my progress, but in the mean time i will be getting back to my knitting.  I'll leave you with one of my recent favorites of Madie & I..she's such a curious dog :)

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