Sunday, June 29, 2008

thoughts/happenings compiled into a post.

There have been so many things recently that I've wanted to blog about, but just haven't been inspired to do so! Since I'm in the writing mood now, here is a compilation of the posts that have been on my mind :). and please excuse the randomness!

On Thursday, Daniel and I were on our way home when to our surprise we passed one of our neighbors house and found this little means of transportation parked outside

(yes I made Daniel pull over so I could take a picture...thank goodness the owner didn't walk out while I was snapping a shot!). Seeing this car made me remember back to our trip to France in November. I must say that in the states (and more so where we live currently), this car sticks our like a sore thumb with all the gas guzzling SUV surrounding it. BUT in France it goes like peanut butter goes with jelly :) Daniel is looking into getting a 4door SMART car for when we move to France...we shall see!!

Yesterday we ventured out on our first bike ride in a looonnnnggg time. As part of my engagement (3 years ago in August...hard to believe!!), Daniel purchased 2 bran spanking new bikes (to throw me off so I wouldn't know that he would ask me a question that day that would change both of our lives forever.)

Anyways getting back to the story, lets just say that even though we are both work-outaholic's, there's something about trying new forms of exercises (or using different muscles that are not typically used). Boy were we both feeling it when we finished!!

After riding the bikes for a while, we decided to take showers and get all cleaned up to go shoot the pictures you saw from a previous blog (and for the record, we have had many people ask who took those pictures...we did. Both of us are working on our photography skills.) As we were riding in the car to take pics, we decided to stop at the camera store to look at lenses. Before we knew it, we were carrying on a conversation with one of the workers at the camera store. He was a very nice man who knew his stuff about camera's & such...EXCEPT for when it came to the Lord. You see we were standing there just chatting away when all the sudden he began talking about a monopod...and then proceeded to tell Daniel and I that since we (meaning humans) "evolved", we are not use to just walking on 2 legs because we began on 4. Wait what!!!! My first thought...but I didn't verbalize it (even though now looking back maybe I should have). He walked away to check on a price for us and we looked at each other (Daniel and I) knowing exactly what the other was thinking. Well we purchase this sweet lens and left the store. While driving in the car I looked at Daniel and said "How crazy is that?" Daniel quickly replied..."Magen, you know that's a lot of what we will face in France." I guess it had not completely sunk in to me that we would be facing this one day...i guess it not every day you run into a bold evolutionist in the "bible belt".

Now arriving at today...we went to church this morning and heard Joel Brooks speak for the last time as the college pastor at the church we attend. I must say every time we hear him speak, we are both so encouraged and feel the need to examine our own lives and christian walk. Just a side note--Joel holds a special place in our hearts, because he married us almost 2 years ago :)--after church we headed home to cook lunch. Daniel grilled some chicken on the grill, while I prepared a scrumptious salad with raspberry vinaigrette (our favorite) dressing and pecans for Daniel & walnuts for me!

For dessert....brownies. Let me just interject here that Daniel can down some brownies (Mrs. Davis you know what I'm talking about...Daniel has large dessert servings :))

After brownies we chowed down on some watermelon I had cut earlier. I don't know if words can describe how much Daniel likes watermelon. He saw his mother had bought one the other day, and HAD to get one at the store today :)

tonight we were suppose to attend a firework show in honor of the 4th, but the weather is bad here, so we are staying in...going to fill our tummies with pizza & bread sticks (a Davis tradition)! We're both looking forward to the week ahead of us! Hope you are having a good Sunday!

until I write again...


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