Thursday, June 26, 2008


where to begin...well on Sunday Daniel left for Wichita Falls, TX for work, and can I just say i am sooooooo glad he is home now!!  Boy did I miss my sweet husband.   
I'll fill you in on what I have done while he was gone...well worked & kept myself busy with visiting family and spending some quality time with friends.

Tuesday night Ellen, Clare, Andi, and my sis Leslie came over and we had a girls night.  We played many rounds of catch phrase...awesome game by the way!

Last night my whole family (plus Madie) tried to go walk at the park, but right as we drove up it began raining. So, instead of getting rained on we headed to Shaffer & Lindsey's new home.  It is too cute!  I can't wait to see it complete and visit them as a married couple :)  Here are a few shots I got from our last visit to the cozy little place :)

Well tomorrow i'm getting my hair cut at a new place (which I am kind of nervous about). And then i'm sure Daniel and I will hang out with each other all day! My next wedding is for this beautiful woman...Ellie Mae on July 19th! more to come on that.

peace for now


the smiths said...

Looks like fun!! :) I have a blog question for you.. how do you get that subscribe to post link there? I can't find it!!! HELP! :)

Ashley Davis said...

can't wait to see the haircut!