Sunday, June 15, 2008

A good day!

We have enjoyed a very relaxing day with both our Dad's! After church, Daniel and I headed over to my cousin's house to spend time with my dad & granddad.  My dad will probably not be too happy that I put this first picture up, but I wanted to show y'all a pic of my Dad after he opened his father's day gift from his kiddo...a gift certificate to play golf.  Let's just say he LOVES to play golf!  He said this certificate will most likely be used up by the end of this next week...hehe I love you Dad!

Then after our trip to my cousins, we headed home and right back out for dinner with Daniel's family.  We enjoyed a scrumptious meal from Outback!  Hear are a few shots I got from dinner.

Also...having nothing to do with Father's day, I wanted to post a few pics of the t-shirts Daniel and his mom made for us...they did so good! :)  We wore them one night that we spoke at VBS...

Well I guess that is it for now.  I have the day off tomorrow, so Daniel and I are really looking forward to spending some time together.  But for now we are back to LOST.

peace for now :)

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gimmegodiva said...

I LOVE LOST!!!! It is addictive!!! Glad you are doing well... love catching up with you via your blog!!