Friday, May 02, 2008 sleep!!

Our Church Planting Class:

We have officially completed our Church Planting class..whoo!  Don't get me wrong, it was an experience where the knowledge that was gained will be used throughout the rest of our lives...we are just pooped with a 17 hour drive ahead of us.

Its weird how just sitting in a room while someone teaches for 8 hours can wear you out.  I mean we did NOTHING active and honestly my body is craving exercise!!!  I look forward to being home and getting back into my usual exercise routine with a healthy mix of cardio and lifting does the body good :).  And of course the food was fabulous...but not the most healthy i might say, so I also look forward to eating a bit more healthier when I get home :)

I think we are tired also because of all the "thinking" we have done...good thinking that is. Praise God for a wonderful experience and all we learned that will better prepare us for the BIG field we have ahead of us!

Well that's it for us...we're off to bed!

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