Friday, April 25, 2008

Summer's almost here!!!!

                                (from our beach trip at the beginning of April 2008)
Summer is approaching fast, and I must say my life will be changed upside down. Daniel and I were discussing it last night, and we (well more me than him) will be SUPER BUSY!! Between 4 (yes I said four...just found out yesterday that I am in another wedding) weddings, all the parties for the weddings, beach with my family and then with friends, trips to the lake with friends and family, my last day of work (July 10th), Daniel and I traveling to speaking engagements and MORE PARTIES, I don't know when I will have time to BREATHE! Although it does seem overwhelming, I am ready for every bit of the excitement and journey ahead.

                                    (at Sumo last summer when I chopped my hair)

Like I said, in July Daniel and I will both be full time support raising (meaning we will be spending most, if not all our time together =) ) traveling the US to share what Christ has called us to! We are both excited about this step of faith, but at the same time frightened! We are praying that this is the Lords plan for our lives and could really use your prayers too! We are solely trying to be obedient to God's calling on our lives, and we feel like this is the next step!

                                            (also from the beach trip April 2008)

ok...I have things to do, so this is all for now!

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the smiths said...

Yay for summer! Hey, how in the world do you get the signature to be at the end of each of your posts? I made a signature quite a while ago, but only figured out how to copy and paste it each time..which sometimes I forget! :/ HELP! :)