Thursday, April 24, 2008

NO TIME!...ok maybe for Friends =)

We leave for our ROAD TRIP on Sunday and I have not packed a thing!! My hubby is packed, ready to go...he is always does this, so he is not stressed and going crazy at the last idea huh?

In other news...Daniel and I had a very delightful evening with some dear friends of ours. We don't get to see them that much between school, work, and the fact that they live in a different city (and expecially since one of them will be moving to Colorado, along with the rest of SEBC, in a few months).

We ate at Jim-n-Nick (aka nick & jims...dan..wink wink)! It was so yummy to my tummy! Here are a few gotta love these people...we do! =)

Wes & cute!

High School Buddies!

Of course we had to have one of me and my sweet hubby!

Also, congrats to Clare and Erin on officially becoming college graduates and are nurses now!! YAY! I'm having lunch with Erin today and I am SUPER excited!

I am working on my picture taking (notice I got shots from last night...thats big) so that when Daniel and I are overseas, we can give you a glimpse into our lives!

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