Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"What sort of tale have we fallen into"

“What sort of tale have we fallen into.” As I heard John Eldredge repeating these words from the “Lord of the Rings” I found myself asking that question. What sort of tale have I fallen into? I know it is a tale with much uncertainty, in which I am not sure how it will turn out. I wondered to myself how did I get here? I don’t have a clue what it is that I am doing. Am I ready for all that God has in store for me? Do I have what it takes? As I asked myself these and many more questions God revealed to me what sort of tale I had fallen into.

In short a glorious, amazing and fantastic tale. I realized that I should feel honored to be written on its pages. Who cares if I don’t know what it is that I am doing? I have the calling and opportunity to fight in a far off land for those who don’t even realize they are in danger. It is sin and this sinful world that hides from us just what it is we are here for. We are here to serve God and to fight the good fight, and not to worry about success in the worlds eyes as we all do, even if we haven’t yet realized it. We are not called to be comfortable. We are called to be faithful. What an amazing opportunity it is that we all have to be apart of God’s story.

Too many people see God as a burden on there lives. As something that holds them back from the success they desire. And those who don’t see God this way see Him as a tool to reach that success. They think that if they believe in God and have faith God will give them their success and comfort. They think the story is about them. It’s not. They (WE) will never find their part in the story unless they turn from the world’s standards and recognize God’s standards.

My hope is that we would all find our part (our calling) and play that part no matter where it might take you. I t might not take you anywhere. It might be that you have not yet seen clearly that your part is right here at home, and that your priorities have been set way to far on the side of the world. If that is so then there is no better time to change than now.

- Daniel (my first post...more to come)


the smiths said...

Dan-that was great! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more! And, of course as always, I look forward to what Magen has to say, as well!! :)

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ASIAHUS said...

sorry for the miss type of your name we were talking about you and the Hannahs..and...well I was thinking Daniel and typed David... ADD-girl!!!

Great post Daniel!!!