Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The One True God!

I am a person who does not like the unknown...meaning what will I be doing in 10 years, will I have kids one day, how old will I live to, even small things like where and what time will we be going to Atlanta for Christmas this year. I am such a planner and want to have things on my calendar ASAP! I don't know why God created me this way (another unknown) but He does show it to me in the strangest ways.

With Daniel and I preparing to go to the mission field, there are alot of "unknowns" for example when will we go? How long will we be there? where will we live? Are we going to have kids while we are there? What language school will we attend? and so on (I think you get the point). Through this God has taught us to COMPLETELY rely on Him...because that is all we can do! Daniel and I (being the planners that we BOTH are) have maped out exactly when we will do what for support raising and the training we need. Then out of no where (or what I think is no where), God comes in and says WAIT! I am in charge here, you are suppose to seek my guidance and my will for your lives. Daniel and I immediately panic because we are no longer in control of our plans--this happened today by the way. is the point of my whole post...I was preparing the 4k/5k lesson for this coming Sunday (I have been putting it off for 2 days) and right after our plans got thrown off of wack I sat down and this is what I read...Jeremiah 29:11 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” And then I read this little excert...God's purposes for us are beautiful. Maybe something in his plans does not make sense to you right now. Ask for help, and God will show you in time just how perfect his plans are for you. Don't be afraid; he will never let you down. You can always count on God.

Wow...all I could think and even say is that there is absolutely NO WAY that this is a coincident, but rather a providenctial, all-knowing God, encouraging and guiding one of His sheep! And to think I was blown away by 4 and 5 year old material! Give praise to the One True God today...I am.

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