Sunday, August 05, 2007

Never said before

I honestly thought that I would never say this but....I COMPLETELY WANT TO BE GOING "BACK TO SCHOOL" soon like everyone else.  Since I am on staff at our Church as the Children's Ministry Assistant I am obviously around kids who are getting ready to start school.  As much as I wanted to get out of desire to go back right now is overwhelming!!!
Not that I don't enjoy my job, or the fact that we are pursuing missions...there was just something so right with going to school everyday and not having to sit at a desk 8 to 5.  I would not say that I want to go back to high school or even middle school for that, but more so college. SEBC is truly my home and I already miss the students and professors that I got to see each and everyday (not to mention what was being studied).  

As I look back I think yeah those times in the middle of the semester when everything is pilling up on you and you are thinking that the world will come crashing down is truly a horrible feeling.  And in that very moment I can say I felt horrible, but now I want those situations. Anyways I feel like I am rambling....

Don't get me wrong...I am very excited to see what God has in store for Daniel and I as we become missionaries in France.  Hey and we get to go to school over there!!! yeah I can't be a professional student all my life...I have to grow up sometime.  I do enjoy the memories and friendships that were made at SEBC and will keep them with me wherever I go!

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