Sunday, March 18, 2007


So I just wanted to enlighten you on how excited I am right now...WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH FOR SPRING BREAK!! Ok we are only going the second half of the week not the whole time but geee i am happy! We were invited to go to the mountains the first half of the week, but Daniel could not get off Monday or Tuesday because work is crazy with the doctor being out the week before my spring break so everyone is having operations because he is back.

Anyways, Daniel got off work for the second half of the week and we got invited by Wes and Clare (some good friends of ours from school) to go and stay in a condo at the beach...we could not pass up the offer. Not only is it the beach, but we get to relax and hang out with them. The other exciting part is that Madie is getting to go...they have a little dog named Scout that is going to so Madie will have a friend to play with.

YEAH! We leave in 11 days for the sunny weather and the rolling tide...i cant wait!!

Side note: I went back blonde so i will post pictures as soon as i take some...

****These are pictures from our beach trip last year....i will put up ones from this year when we get back!****

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Ashley said...

! can't wait to see the new hair in the morning!