Monday, February 26, 2007

God DEFINITELY has a sense of humor

I dont think i fully understood this phrase until just these past few weeks. All along Daniel and I had been planning for him to go to grad school while i got a job and paid his way through school. We were diligent in our prayer(and still are) about where God would lead us after i graduate in may, so we thought for sure that it was Chicago but little did we know...ok if you dont already know then you are probably telling yourself that you wished i would just get to the point!

We have felt lead to do missions. Ah i know what you are thinking (or at least i was saying that to myself). You mean be a missionary?? who me?? no way...those are people who live in a really far place with no running water or the internet in a hut made of sticks (ok maybe that is a little too far but you get the point). I always thought it was exciting to see what missionaries are doing, but to be one is totally different.

So when daniel and i felt that God was calling us to do this i honestly just wanted to was funny to me. But the more and more i prayed and thought about it, it became real and very exciting to take part in the work that Christ is doing! So this week we are applying to the missions agency and everything that goes with that (it will probably take a year for everything--Lord willing!) SO PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!!

....on a side note we are moving into our new apartment on Wednesday (i am pumped!) Pictures will be up very soon!

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