Friday, February 02, 2007


....(not to mention a lot of calories!)

the whole gang

Ryan (the other best friend from high school), Dustin, and Daniel

Your's truly with the hubby!

Avery (football friend), Daniel, and Dustin who is acting like a chipmunk

Dustin preparing the milkshakes


Dustin and Brooke showing us their airplane skills

Brooke is he bothering I need to beat him up??

The lovely couple....

I was showing how strong I am...

We don't really get out much on week nights because of my homework overload, but last night we changed that!! We went to visit our good friends Dustin and Brooke. (If you don't remember who they are, let me recap....Dustin and Daniel have been best friends since high school, and Brooke works for my Dad. One day, my Dad got this brilliant idea to set Dustin and Brooke up on a blind date soo....we did and over a year later they are going strong).

Dustin was in town for the week, because he just recently moved to Colorado (with Brooke still here) for a job. We were so excited to get to spend time with both of them!

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